„Vacation with Livioon smells differently” – these are the words of our Diamond Manager, Beata Piwowarska, a succesful woman. She joined Livioon because she wanted to spend holidays under the palm trees. Every day she proves that with Livioon she’s in her element. She fulfills her dreams in no time and pursues her priority goals. She is not scared of taking an importan actions and that’s why she inpires many begginers in our company.

Beata Piwowarska

My adventure with Livioon started a year and a half ago, it’s been an amazing time. I’ve reached a 22% level – this ultimate promotion that everyone is waiting for – in the last four and a half months. Why did I join Livioon? Because I love sun and palmtrees and once I learned that you can have this kind of holiday with Livioon for free, I was convinced. I knew I wanted to go on this vacation and I knew this dream was going to fullfil itself.

For people who are just starting, I’ve got one advice: to 100% engage and believe in this business. But this is not only business, it’s consistence, systematicity, dynamics of meetings and then everything will work. I motivate my team individually, because that’s how I approach everyone. Each of us is different but we share our dreams and with Livioon we can fullfil them.

When I was getting a car, there were many emotions, I was very moved because I’d never even dreamt of such a car. But this happened because of Livioon. I believed in myself and in my ability to do what’s necessary to go through the whole compensation plan and win an amazing prize. This car was an incredible award but different than if I won in lottery. In loterry we feel pure joy of winning and here there was a sense and joy of achievement. I was very proud of myself, of my team and happy that this happened to me. Althought I was too stressed to start a car and drive, now I’m driving with pleasure. I recommend it to everyone and I hope that you will one by one get your car, too. It’s amazing.

For me, Livioon is a chance of unlimited earnings, new lifestyle, joy of meeting new fabulous people, because Livioon is not only a buy-sell thing, it’s also amazing relationships. Warm relationships and mettings over coffee with nice, kind and positive people. And what do we miss the most in our lives? Just that – positivity.

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