What causes static in your hair?

You take off your hat and your hair gets… a little crazy? Hair picking up static in winter can be awkward and is certainly a sign that you need to t...

Algae – natural cosmetic for every skin type

The best ways to take care of one’s skin hide in nature. Example? Plants straight from the depth of seas, algae – perfect natural cosmetic for every...

When to start an anti-aging skincare?

Soft, smooth skin is a synonym of youth. But time goes by and skin looses its youthful glow… How to delay signs of againg? When to introduce a...

Hemp oil – a golden treasure in your beauty bag

In a last couple of years, it’s been given a new life. And for a good reason! When it comes to skincare, hemp oil is one of the most versatile and e...

How to take care of your skin in fall and winter?

Fall and winter, though they can be beautiful, can be also difficult… for our skin. Temperature and air humidity fluctuations often cause our skin t...

Body Cream Hemp Oil have been honored

Do you like our balsams with hemp oil? Apparently YES! Dear Colleagues, Customers and Fans. We are pleased to announce that balms from the series...

Another standing prize submitted to our hands

Dear Colleagues, Customers and Fans. Another standing prize submitted to our hands. This time it’s not the products that have been awarded, but t...

The laurel “GOOD BRAND 2018”

The Livioon brand received the “Good Brand 2018” certificate and joined the group of laureates of this prestigious award. The emblem was awarded as p...
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