It started completely innocently from a seemingly ordinary decision. However, the power of decision can change your life completely, and that is what happened in this case. October 2017 was motivated by the usual desire to save on her own purchases, which is why she decided to join Livioon. After the first tests, the products gained a wide range of supporters, they also met all expectations at a high level. In the meantime, several times she received an invitation for „fragrant coffee,” but she only took advantage of it when she was out of excuses.

It was a breakthrough day! The most important information she gained from the meeting was a thoroughly discussed settlement plan and the whole range of benefits resulting from involvement in the company’s development. She quickly analyzed that she did not risk anything, and if she makes a serious decision and sets her goals, she can make her and her family’s dreams come true. All she had to do at that time was to gain knowledge about the specifics of the MLM industry and undergo a preparatory and training period to become the perfect leader for her team in the future. Her mission is helping others and inspiring. She wanted to become the best source of information for people from her structure.

I am so grateful my love that you believed in me and support me whenever I need it

The first success came just one year after the decision to get engaged into business. In January 2019, thanks to very persistent and resilient teamwork, she achieved the title of Manager 22%. She remembers this wonderful feeling today! Joy, gratitude, happiness, it stays inside forever.

Another success and a special moment in my life happened in June 2019, the reception of the new Mercedes CLA 180 Coupe from Livioon!

I confirm that dreams will not come true by themselves, we can make dreams come true. I gave myself a chance for a better life and I dreamt that this chance will be accepted by as many people as possible. I am sure! Livioon is my lifestyle!

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