Warm summer days are over, instead autumn coldness is creeping up. Strong wind, sudden change of temperatures, even freezing cold – this shift has an impact on both our mood and skin. Due to this season change, our skin tries to adjust to current conditions and, depending on individual, reacts differently – but usually… reacts badly. It’s dull, dry, sometimes leathery and just flat.

How to prepare your skin for temperaturę change?

For your skin to be firm, moisturized and smooth, first and foremost you have to enrich your diet with vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E, K, C and B: B2 and B3. Unfortunately, dietary supplements won’t perform a miracle just by themselves during the change of seasons. It’s necessary to protect the skin on its surface, and one of the most effective ways to do it is to supply it with nourishing natural ingredients. Choose Livioon’s new product – natural Body&Hand Wash!

It’s innovative and natural, based on valuable active ingredients. Learn more about them!

Multiplicity of natural ingredients in Livioon’s body wash

Brown alage extract is a plant-base ingredient, coming from deep and clean ocean waters. It contains many nutrients that boost skin’s immunity, moisturize it, stimulate cells renewal and supports uneven fight with cellulite and stretch marks.

Hemp oil is the ultimate nourishing oil. Almost 80% of its ingredients are necessary unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acids derived from omega-6 and omega-3, which perfect proportions 3:1 impact metabolism of lipids. Results? Smooth, elastic and firm skin.

Additionally, hemp oil contains oleic acid, palmitic acid, gamma-linoleic acid, proteins, amino-acids, carotene, minerals, vitamins (A, D,E,K), phytosterols and phospholipids. To sum it up: it contain everything your skin needs to protect itself from environmental factors.

Last, but not least is sorbitol – organic compound that was first found in autumnal fruits of rowanberry. It prevents skin from loosing water by absorbing water from the air and deeply moisturizes the skin. It gives a smooth, silky touch to the skin while being so safe to use, that it’s even contained in teeth and oral cavity products!

Blanket yourself with scent

New Livioon Body&Hand Wash enraptures with beautiful scents that already won over thousands of our clients – you know them form our bestselling body creams. There is fresh rhubarb, sweet vanilla and Aromatico oud. Each of them perfect for autumn! Choose a fragrance that suits your mood, or even better: boost your energy or relax thanks to aromatherapeutic power of Livioon products.

Perfectly selected ingredients of Livioon gel wash will provide your skin with necessary vitamins that protect it and give it a beautiful, fresh look. Choose your favourite scent and enjoy your smooth body even when the summer’s over!

Nowe żele do ciała i rąk Livioon zachwycają pięknymi zapachami, które uwiodły już tysiące klientów – znasz je z naszych bestsellerowych kremów do ciała. Jest więc orzeźwiający rabarbar, słodka wanilia oraz aromatyczny oud. Każdy z nich idealny na jesień! Wybierz aromat, który odpowiada Twojemu nastrojowi albo wręcz przeciwnie: dodaj sobie energii lub zrelaksuj się dzięki aromaterapeutycznej mocy produktów Livioon.

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