New product from Livioon is now available! Vita Shake is a breakthrough in your everyday diet and a step towards your ideal silhouette. From combination of passion, the highest quality and sensible approach to health and nutrition, was created a product that helps you change your life! If you want to lose some extra weight or just add valuable nutrients to your meals – Vita is perfect for you.

We believe that well-nourished body is a happy body. Energy to fulfil your dreams and goals comes (literally!) from within. How to take care of it? By supplying valuable nutrients – and these days it’s definitely harder than it should be…

XXI century doesn’t favor health or slim physique

We are constantly running somewhere – and running out of time to take care of ourselves. We rich for quick, but often unhealthy meals, full of “empty” calories: sugar, saturated fats, trans or hydrogenated fats. As if it’s not enough, many of us spend their days in motionless, sedentary position: by the desk in work, by the wheel in car, by the TV on a couch. Results? Problems with maintaining the right body mass and fitness. Futile food – fruits and veggies deprived of important nutrients – pesticides, smog and other pollutions make thing even worse.

No wonder that overweight and obesity are called the plague of XXI century. On the other hands, there’s a problem of malnourishment that doesn’t come from the lack of calories, but from their low nutritional value. As a result, more and more often we meet people who are obese and yet… malnourished! Do you think these are optimal conditions to conquer the world with motivation and passion?

Vita Shake – your help in conquering the world

We certainly don’t! That’s why Vita was created: a cocktail composed to substitute wholesome meal. It helps you to take care of your body, wellbeing and energy level. Vita is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients – it will leave you full while also providing many positive ingredients for your body. You can use it instead of one or even few meals during a day. It tastes great, leaves you full for a long time, supports dieting and you can make it in a dozen seconds or so!

The process of creating Vita was watched over by Joanna Gawlikowska, nutritionist and anti-aging medicine doctor. You can be sure that it’s really one of a kind!

Superfoods and mezoelements for beautiful body

Main superpower of Vita is high content of superfoods – nutritionally dense foods with valuable health-promoting properties. We combine them with so called mezo-elements. They are natural substance that happen not to fit into minerals or vitamins category, they are not carbohydrates, fats nor proteins, and yet they have a great impact on or organism.

Vita Shake is full of fibre, proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in ideal proportion. Check out what exactly is hidden inside Vita cocktail and what it means to your body!

Glukomannan – Is a natural fibre that makes you feel full and hingers appetite, helps to control blood glucose levels and lowers cholesterol.
Piperine – Extractet from pepper helps to control body mass, boosts metabolism and protein digestion while it also enhances physical capacity of organism. It supports body sculpting for active people.
Carnitine – Boosts fat burning and makes losing weight easier. It also gives more energy while working out – it comes from aforementioned fat metabolism.
Line seeds – Is an amazing, anti-cancerous ingredient that improves digestion and boosts metabolism. It makes skin, hair and nails look better, it lowers cholesterol and even supports the organism in fighting chest infections. It’s a great source of omega fatty acids.
Hemp seeds – Are a nutritional bomb – they contain proteins, omega-3 and omega-6 acids and 10 amino acids. It fights with sweet tooth and boost feeling of fulness. Since hemp seeds are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, zink, iron and vitamin E, they have a positive impact on whole body.
Curcumin – Is and antioxidant that slows down aging, stimulates digestion and prevents bloating. It also has anti-inflammatory effects so it’s an important support for our organism.

Vita Shake – cheers!

Use Vita Shake as a substitute for 1 or 2 meals a day to stimulate weight loss processes and lose weight at a gradual, steady pace. If you want to see quick results, Vita can make for even 3 meals a day! It’s benefitial both to your body and wallet. Don’t forget that you can prepare a delicious cocktail in just a few shakes. Just mix Vita with water ora milk (preferably plant-based) and it’s ready!

If you want, add some yoghurt, favourite fruits or spinach. You can choose from three amazing flavours: chocolate, white chocolate and natural. Which one do you pick?

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