Marzena Krupińska – nothing is impossible for her. On a daily basis, she works as a branch director in a large corporation and manages sales teams. How is combining Financial World with the great development opportunities Livioon offers?

Marzena proves every day that to be successful, you don’t have to give up to your career – great results can be achieved even after hours. She has been connected with the financial world for over 14 years, her commitment, hard work and mobilization are very well known. However, the need for greater financial security has pushed her towards cooperation with Livioon and has been successfully combining the roles of a full-time employee, leader and caring mother and wife for a year and a half.

Support, professional development and dreams let her to be a 19% Junior Manager and build her own dream team, because the strength is in the group! Every day, she invests her time and acquired knowledge in conversations and meetings with Business Partners with whom she works and creates a „team”. Since she is in Livioon, she has met many people on her way who, like her, have believed that you can build a passive income without investment and risk. All you have to do is want it! Marzena Krupińska privately spends every free moment with her husband and two wonderful children. They are the biggest motivation for her.

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