Dear Business Partners,

We are pleased to announce that VITA Shake, as another Livioon product, has been trusted and distinguished among other brands with the Consumer Hit laurel!

The National Promotional Program HIT OF THE CONSUMER aims to distinguish and promote products that enjoy the best customer opinion and liking. It is a confirmation of high quality and reliability that significantly impacts purchasing decisions.

What else does the Consumer Hit award means?

  • This is a choice of consumers, because the Laurel confirms that other buyers are satisfied with the purchase and recommend this product.
  • It is granted only to those products and services that meet quality and reliability criteria, enjoy a good consumer reputation and fulfill their needs.

Not only VITA Shake, but also many other Livioon products immediately gained recognition among customers.

There are already several awards in our account, below we remind them:

The Consumer Hit Award went to:

  • VITA Shake flavors chocolate, white chocolate and natural
  • Black Toothpaste with activated carbon
  • Body lotions with Hemp Oil

Customer Laurel Award Discovery of the Year went to:

  • A whole series of Simply Home washing liquids
  • Colostrum Cavalli

Livioon, as an enterprise, received the awards:

  • Good brand
  • Company of the year

We are proud of it!

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