Marzena Oglęcka

When as a young mother she decided to quit her full-time job for MLM, many people did not understand her decision. Four years later, they probably...

Summer’s over? Get Your skin ready for cool autumn with new Livioon shower gels

Warm summer days are over, instead autumn coldness is creeping up. Strong wind, sudden change of temperatures, even freezing cold – this shift has a...

Ewelina Grabowska

It started completely innocently from a seemingly ordinary decision. However, the power of decision can change your life completely, and that is...

Livioon Vita Shake

New product from Livioon is now available! Vita Shake is a breakthrough in your everyday diet and a step towards your ideal silhouette. From...

Beata Morawska

Her motto is: „Take your life in your hands and make your mark on the world”. It’s easy for Beata Morawska to live by these words ever since in the b...

Łukasz Jamorski

Lukasz, how did you first learned about Livioon and how did you started in network marketing? My mom told be about Livioon. I always say that we...

Beata Piwowarska

„Vacation with Livioon smells differently” – these are the words of our Diamond Manager, Beata Piwowarska, a succesful woman. She joined Livioon beca...

Summary of International Livioon Convention

We have discovered a recipe for a perfect company event! Beautiful location, international bunch of leader and overall excitement – that’s how the In...

Challenge: beautiful skin for bikini season

The spring isn’t here to stay yet and we already think about summer. Beacuse when to start preparing for the bikini season, if not now? If you want t...

Małgorzata Kołodyńska

Małgorzata Kołodyńska is a woman who is not afraid to undertake new challenges, for which constant transgression is the functional basis in both, pr...
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